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16 DIY Planters You MUST Have In Your Garden This Spring

It has been a long winter. But, spring is just around the corner, and with spring, comes gardening! These 16 DIY planter ideas will get you excited to  get that garden started! I know we are excited to get to making more than a few of them!

1 Bicycle Planter

Bicycle Planter

If your kid’s are always leaving their bikes on the lawn, you may almost feel like they are ornaments. If this sounds like you, we have an idea that you just might get a kick out of. An old bicycle turned into a planter. The best part? Since it is on wheels, it is very easy to move when you need to take care of the lawn!

Get more info on this idea at Our Fairfield Home & Garden!

2 Birdcage Planter

Birdcage Planter

Succulents require very little water. Because of this, just about anything you can imagine can be used as a planter. All you need is a little soil and some sunlight. And since you only need a little soil, this gorgeous birdcage makes the perfect planter!

Get more info on this idea at Craftberry Bush!

3 Chandelier Planter

Chandelier Planter

Looking for a vintage inspired idea? Keep an eye out for old chandeliers. Remove the lights and wiring and you have the perfect hanger for vines of all kinds. How gorgeous would this be for your patio?

Get more info on this idea at DIY Show Off!

4 Fairy Garden Planter

Fairy Garden Planter

A few simple decorations and a little creativity can turn any broken flower pot into a work of art. This project is also a great way to get kids involved in gardening. Who knows, maybe they will pick up a new pastime.

Get more info on this idea at Punk Projects!

5 Hanging Kettle Planter

Hanging Kettle Planter

Have an old tea kettle that you just do not use any longer? Do not get rid of it just yet. With a little love, time, and decoration you can turn it into this beautiful planter.

Get more info on this idea at Fab Art DIY!

6 Hollow Log Planter

Hollow Log Planter

It may take a bit more work to make than many of the other planters on this list, but this log is among the most beautiful. And with time and age, it will only improve in appearance.

Get more info on this idea at A Proverbs 31 Wife!

7 Old Chair Planter

Old Chair Planter

Add even more color to your flower arrangements with a brightly painted chair planter! Visually appealing and giving a simple presentation…but most definitely not understated.

Get more info on this idea at Four Generations One Roof!

8 Old Jeans Planter

Old Jeans Planter

Here is something that you do not see every day. Turn an old pair of jeans into a planter that is guaranteed to turn heads, in a good way!

Learn how to make this at Buffawhat!

9 Old Tire Planters

Old Tire Planters

If you are looking for bright and colorful planters this year, these adorable teacups are made from old tires! Perfect if you are wanting a fairly large planter that is oh so cute.

Get more info on this idea at The Whoot!

10 Pallet Herb Garden Planter

Pallet Herb Garden Planter

Do you want an herb garden, but find yourself short on space? Go find yourself a simple wooden pallet. With a few modifications you can make this super cute and space saving herb planter.

Get more info on this idea at DIY Show Off!

11 Rain Boot Planters

Rain Boot Planters

How cute of an idea is this? Spring is generally the rainiest season, so why not turn rain boots into planters?! In a few simple steps, you too can have your flowers growing with this brilliant idea.

Get more info on this idea from Rosy-Posy!

12 Tire Planter

Tire Planter

We have already shown you some tire planters. But here is a different spin on that idea that is just as beautiful.

Learn how to make this planter by visiting Addicted 2 DIY!

13 Vertical Strawberry Planters

Vertical Strawberry Planters

Even though this idea says it is for strawberries, any type of vine or creeping plant would love this. Pieces of PVC pipe have never been so good looking.

Get more info on this idea by visiting Urban GreenSpace!

14 Vintage Book Planters

Vintage Book Planters

We know that this list says that it is for your garden, but these planters were just too adorable to not list here. Just like the birdcage listed above; with a little soil and some sunlight…succulents really can grow just about anywhere!

Apartment Therapy has all the details on how to make your own!

15 Wine Barrel Planter

Wine Barrel Planter

The perfect planter for the lake house or cottage. Set out on the porch, patio, or even your deck. The tiered box design is perfect for a corner section to show off your plants.

Learn more by visiting Centsational Girl!

16 Wine Bottle Planters

Wine Bottle Planters

Do you know what goes perfect with a wine barrel planter? How about using empty wine bottles to grow even more flowers and vines. With a bit of moss or peat you can grow many different plants right out of the bottom!

Learn more about this idea on Recyclart!