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Nail Tutorial for DIY Frozen Olaf Fingernails

Nail tutorial for Frozen Olaf inspired nail art

Today’s ahbsession is a nail tutorial that will teach you how to get these Frozen Olaf inspired fingernails. We just adore them, and are sure you do as well (or why would you be here looking at them?!). Even with spring being upon us, you can still look trendy with nails done up with Olaf, the uber-adorable snowman.

The video for the nail tutorial, and the above image of nails that have been painted, come to us from madjennsy. She has done up a lot of nail tutorials, and we sill be bringing many of them to you right here on our site!

If you have done your nails up using this tutorial, let us know in the comments. We would love to hear how it went, and would love even more to see some pics of your finished nails.