Ahbsessed with obsessing

A HUGE Update For Ahbsessed…and some other news

It has been nearly two years…but we are finally getting this ball rolling, and have loads of exciting things planned.

Before we get into the things that we have planned, I would like to get into the other things…

First up, the 2 year absence. This was not intentional by any means. Have you ever had the best plans ever laid out, then out of nowhere life throws you the biggest of curveballs? That is excatly what happened to us. Between medical issues, tackling other projects care of massive changes on some social networks, and just flat out exhaustion. These things caused us to have no choice but to step away for a bit.
NOW…all of that is behind us, for the most part, and we are able to get back on track and start moving forward.

The first piece of this is the site itself. If has undergone a MASSIVE transformation. Not one stone was left unturned.
The server has been upgraded. The layout of the site has been dramatically improved and is now better suited for the direction we are headed in, and we finally have all of our socials set up (so go follow us on all of them, we have some great things on the way).

If you have visited the site before the transformation, I am more than certain that you have noticed. If you haven’t…you missed out on a pretty dated experience that was in desperate need of some TLC.

Now onto the exciting things that we have planned.

As I already mentioned, we have all of the socials set up (you did go and follow us on some already didn’t you?).

Secondly, starting today, we are going to be recruiting contributors to the site. Fresh new voices and eyes to find even more great things for you to read and look at. Enough on that though, you will start to see the fruits of that labor very, very soon.

OK, enough rambling…I said that we were going to get this ball rolling.

The wait is now over, and the dawning of a new age for Ahbsessed is here…
Hope you enjoy these efforts as much as we enjoy bringing them to you!