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Lasagna in Mason Jars – So Cute, So Easy

Lasagna in Mason Jars

Lasagna in Mason Jars – So Cute, So Easy

This moment’s ah-bsession is this cute recipe for lasagna in mason jars. To rephrase that…food in mason jars. We are starting to see more and more of things like this pop up everywhere.

I know that people have been doing this for some time now, but it has not caught on before. There are even whole sites dedicated to selling you food in mason jars! How crazy is that?!

The thing that caught my eye the most with these is just the fact that it is lasagna. I would have started drooling even if it wasn’t in a jar, that is just what lasagna does to me (kind of like Garfield, I know). It is taking a lasagna, and adding it to the mason jar thing though that has made this ah-bsession worthy for me. Who would not love to be able to take their pasta on the go, and not have to eat it out of a plastic box, or styrofoam?

If you are like me, and are wanting to make this recipe, just head over to STL Cooks by clicking here!

Do you have any recipes for some type of dish that has been prepared in a mason jar? If so, let us know in the comments!