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Say Hello to Bijou the Beatzu

Bijou the Beatzu

Say hello to Bijou the beatzu, our newest Ahbsession around here, and the reason behind our delays. Bijou is our new beatzu puppy, and as of tomorrow she will be 11 weeks old. For those that do not know, a beatzu is a dog that is part beagle, and part shih tzu.

Now if you ask us, Bijou is probably one of the cutest dogs EVER! Now we know what you are thinking. Your dog is cuter, and we are not going to argue about that, just let us have our moment here. She is also quite the little canine fashionista.

Do not let all of this cuteness fool you though, she can be more than a handful, as most puppies are. She is a sweetheart though. We just thought we would take a moment to share a few pictures we have taken of her over the course of the past month. There will be more pictures of her put up here over time, but for now, these few will do. So enjoy some cute pictures of this little beatzu:

Bijou modeling her new pink, argyle sweater.
Bijou modeling her new pink, argyle sweater.
Bijou with her "Princess" hoodie.
Bijou with her “Princess” hoodie.
Bijou says "modeling is hard"
Bijou says “modeling is hard”
"I LOOVEE my princess hoodie!"
“I LOOVEE my princess hoodie!”
Bijou always makes time to stop and smell the flowers.
Bijou always makes time to stop and smell the flowers.
Sticks...yes...Bijou loves sticks.
Sticks…yes…Bijou loves sticks.

If you want to follow Bijou on her own pages, you can find her on: Instagram and Facebook (just click the name of the site to get to her page). She may also be getting her own site in the near future as well!

Does your pet have it’s own Instagram or Facebook page? Let us know in the comments, we would love to see it…and Bijou just may come by and follow you!