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These Ornaments Are Too Cute….

Thumbprint deer ornaments. I can't even stand the cuteness!

These ornaments are too cute…they really are. But there is a problem. They are appearing on Pinterest and pointing at this site. The problem with that? They never existed here until this moment. Now, do not fret…we will tell you how to get to the REAL page for these ornaments in a moment.

Now usually I would not say anything about links coming form weird places. Afterall, who does not want more traffic? There is two main issues with this though, and they both tie in together.

The first issue is spam reporting. You can report pins on Pinterest, and mark them as “this image does not appear on the site”. Well that is not good…nobody wants to get reported as being a spammer. This brings us to the second issue. How did this happen? Again, these ornaments never existed on this site before, yet somehow, they are linking here?!
Hopefully this post fixes that issue.

Now, for those of you who are wanting to go to the actual page; these ornaments are from 5thavenueflair on Etsy.

And since you are here…feel free to take a look around. I know the site has not seen new content for some time, but it has received a MAJOR facelift…and the new content…that is just over the horizon.